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May. 9th, 2011

stephen fry jude law

third wassail

It rained and was clear.
It rained and rained and was clear.
Mud everywhere.

I saw faces I loved and I loved them.
Shining faces that stirred me
and plain faces that stirred me.

A sullen daughter,
and a meglo after a meglomaniac.
I worked with psychic horse blinders
and ran as fast as I could.

At night, I would keep running.
Many left after the Wassail
and I talked about sex and drank beer.

I am a farm boy,
I stand for many hours.
Trust me before you know me
and call me cute
but stay away from my heart.
stephen fry jude law

(no subject)

more give me more give me more

if i had a voice i would sing

my blood is so thin and relentless
keepers saw no way
prophecy is the oldest speech

Oct. 6th, 2010

stephen fry jude law

Water water water

The canal is high with rain water. It has not stopped raining for weeks. Flowers are ruined. Kafka lives on.

I'll disappear into the murky water. As does my voice suddenly. Obsessions found at the bottom haunt me. Gertrude Stein's pen, Burroughs' pocket watch. Artifacts.

Count my errors against me but do not deny my voice.

The glass train will shatter.

Old friends bring new understanding.

Oct. 4th, 2010

stephen fry jude law

(no subject)

This is a broadcast, forget about it. I want to instill every action I take with art, and every moment be thoughtful. I often succeed. I'm jealous of my art, and hold it closely to my heart. Momentary art, just a moment to absorb, and then it passes. It ends, and that ending is part of its meaning.

I've hidden myself deep under layers of concealment. It feels safer in here, though still not safe. It has made me aware of how afraid I am of myself. This separation from myself makes me thoughtful, and withholding of action. I see meaning in the smallest of actions, so each day is a massive challenge. An endless procession of hugely significant actions, many of which I have little conscious control over - they are automatic. But the language virus is strong inside my consciousness, and it is relentlessly explaining and thus complicating the issue at hand. What is needed now is to suppress the language virus and live in a label-free moment. Only then can I experience the full majesty of the natural universe. It has great meaning for me and it brings forward deep emotion.

I feel I must revisit my past to understand my present. It's so easy to lose track of who I was before now. The written memories are so valuable to me. They give me secret knowledge of myself which I can gain strength from. Those obstacles I've overcome remind me that I can overcome any obstacle with enough application. But since I must balance so many things, more things that the human mind has thus far had room for, I am overwhelmed.

I've always been so in love with journaling. It gives me more clarity as I'm writing, and then later I gain an understanding even greater yet. It is a purely future-oriented activity, for you or someone else to read in the future. To reach our potential as sentient beings perhaps we should incorporate more of this future-orientation into our paradigms of understanding. This has been called "discipline." Discipline is an art taught primarily to the hugely wealthy, and is not emphasized in public education. However, men have known for countless years that the human mind flourishes in a highly structured environment. Minds developed under moderate rigor are much more capable than minds developed in an accidental paradigm. For many, such as me, life happened to me and I could only react. I was not given the tools to understand the great mysteries of our mature culture. My reaction to stimuli is laggy. I am handicapped by the patterns of thought carelessly instilled into my young pysche.

Feb. 15th, 2010


chung fu

The Judgement

Inner Truth. Pigs and fishes.
Good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water.
Perseverance furthers.

The Image

Wind over lake: the image of Inner Truth.
Thus the superior man discusses criminal cases
In order to delay executions.

The Lines

Nine at the beginning means:
Being prepared brings good fortune.
If there are secret designs, it is disquieting.

Nine in the second place means:
A crane calling in the shade.
Its young answers it.
I have a good goblet.
I will share it with you.

[] Six in the third place means:
He finds a comrade.
Now he beats the drum, now he stops.
Now he sobs, now he sings.

[] Six in the fourth place means:
The moon nearly at the full.
The team horse goes astray.
No blame.

() Nine in the fifth place means:
He possesses truth, which links together.
No blame.

Nine at the top means:
Cockcrow penetrating to heaven.
Perseverance brings misfortune.

Jan. 31st, 2010

stephen fry jude law

listening to "06 Pefect Love Antidote" on Blip

<3 French hipsters <3
stephen fry jude law

listening to "P and fugue in Cm - WTC 2 - J S Bach - Keith Jarrett/ Cézanne" on Blip

Just scratching the Bach itch
stephen fry jude law

listening to "The Smiths - How Soon Is Now? (Album Version)" on Blip

Top 10 songs of the 80s

Dec. 9th, 2009

stephen fry jude law

listening to "Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Official Music Video)" on Blip

The Malice Mizer of the US

Dec. 2nd, 2009

stephen fry jude law

listening to "Fred Astaire - Puttin' on the Ritz" on Blip

yes yes and yes

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